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Ivor Kellock

Innovation Sales Research and Development Tax Credit, Marketing and Advertising

Hi I'm Ivor Kellock Innovation Director @ Business Futurist | Change Champion | Connector | R&D Tax Credits

Ivor Kellock's Bio:

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Hi welcome to my profile! 

I'm here to share connect & grow

"sharing is our greatest pleasure" ©

Are we in an era of change or a change of era? 

I'm supporting & helping a future of compassion abundance & freedom

The remedy to unnecessary competition aggression & fear

A healthier wealthier brighter living experience for everyone

30+ yrs as a sales professional & business advisor creating positive change through knowledge sharing & enlightened consciousness

Living within our means by using 1 planet's resources not 4 or 5, tackling gender equality, inequality & sustainable living

A shared abundant future is a reality when as a majority we head in the same direction

What direction?

Let's connect & share so the clear direction comes into plain sight

18 years using the internet (9 using social media) I advocate the positive use of all the amazing communication tools we have at our disposal whilst checking the snooping & bureaucracy of Government & the secret services

I'm passionate about self organising groups that destroy management, bureaucrats & unnecessary administration & paperwork

Innovation of people process & practicalities are my key observations for an enhanced future

100% focussed on the "real economy" & a tireless campaigner against the shadow economy (banking), rent seekers (non wealth creators ie economy destroyers) & tax evaders

Why is it we live with socialism for the wealthiest 1% whilst the rest of us are manipulated to fight one another? 

Are we living in an era of change or a change of era?

A change of era will be fully documented in history

Don't hesitate to get in touch & enjoy a conversation ;-)

Our difference over all the other species on our amazing planet is our ability to conceive, communicate & enjoy multifarious complexity

To enjoyment & intercourse!



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I wish you every happiness & success

Ask me a question! Challenge me for valuable insights that will deliver you profit, growth & success

Ivor Kellock

Ivor Kellock's Experience:

  • Innovation Director at 21st Century

    Promoting UK Innovation. Online publication celebrating UK Innovation. Ivor in particular focuses on alternative money, economy & self organising groups that remove bureaucracy & management. Event filming & photography to promote your brand & event to a wider audience. Online promotion of your brand & products. Connector to the key people that will support, promote & buy your products. Futurist publication considering discussing & promoting new solutions for the multitude of problems facing humanity today & tomorrow... Are we in an era of change or a change of era? Conceiving a future of compassion abundance & freedom. 21st Century exploring the future. The remedy to unnecessary competition aggression & fear. Supporting UK innovators & inventors

  • Research and Development Tax Credit Advisor at RD Tax Solutions

    Research and Development Tax Credit At RD Tax Solutions our sole focus is R&D tax credit claims Confused about Research & Development Tax Credits? Watch our short video see below We’re proven experts in the field with extensive knowledge of what is a highly specialist area of taxation We work with companies of all sizes & from every sector to raise your awareness of this area of taxation & help you claim back the tax relief you are due for your R&D activity In 2013 there were 15,000 claims processed by HMRC (source HMRC) are you missing out? Currently the relief is 230% of your qualifying spend if you're an SME R&D isn't defined as cutting edge technology design or new pharmaceutical products rather application of new technology & seeking out solutions to make your organisation more effective R&D for tax purposes takes place when a project seeks to achieve an advance in science or technology. (BIS guidelines, 5 March 2004), Para 3 An advance in the overall knowledge or capability in a field of science or technology A new or appreciably improved process, material, device, product or service Extend overall knowledge or capability Through the resolution of Scientific or Technological Uncertainty The activities which directly contribute to achieving this advance in science or technology through the resolution of scientific or technological uncertainty are R&D. (BIS guidelines, 5 March 2004) Para 4 Uncertainty exists if the solution to the problem is not readily deducible to the competent professional An advance is measured against the knowledge available in the public domain or the knowledge base to be expected of a competent professional at the start of the project Most importantly a successful outcome is not a requirement Qualifying spend is! We guide you through this complexity to ascertain & then present the exact information to HMRC so you can make a successful corporation tax claim Call Ivor today to appreciate your eligibility criteria 07782 193903

  • Partner Sales Selling Sales Skills Selling Skills Sales Growth Sales Teams Sales Marketing Service at Sales Drive

    Sales drive is the definitive 'no brainer' street smart guide for achieving sales stardom. Sales Drive is a complete sales coaching program & collaborative game - taking you on your selling skills journey to give you the abundance, happiness & success you desire.

  • Sales Marketing Strategy at Digital Sunrise Europe

    Economic stimulation programmes are something you would expect from government – not any more. A group of nearly 300 independent executives, business owners, and social media consultants have joined forces to give small and medium-sized businesses in Europe an unexpected helping hand to overcome their economic challenges. This newly formed group has done extensive research via crowdsourcing and created what they call an “alternative growth strategy”, designed to help companies grow revenue by expanding their business across Europe. While low-cost producers from Asia and tech-savvy businesses from the US are expanding into Europe, the European midmarket, which is key to a stable economy, is not ready to withstand global competition. The group announced today the formation of “Digital Sunrise Europe”, which will start offering mostly free education and support services to businesses across Europe from the beginning of October 2012.

Ivor Kellock's Education:

  • Business Wealth Club St Albans

    Ongoing Learning Practical Workshop Learning
  • Edge NLP

    NLP Practitioner
    Concentration: NLP
  • Google

    Google Engage
    Concentration: Adwords, Keywords & online conversions Online Marketing Web Marketing Internet Marketing Marketing

    Social Media Management
    Concentration: Social Media Management

    Inbound Marketing
    Concentration: Web marketing
  • Institute of Enterprise & Entrpreneurs

    Mentoring Skills
    Concentration: Introduction to Enterprise Mentoring
  • Ashridge Business School

    Concentration: Management & Leadership Marketing Local Marketing Internet Marketing Social Media Marketing
  • Ecademy Social MediaTraining

    Concentration: Social Marketing Local Marketing Internet Marketing Social Media Marketing Youtube Marketing
  • Cordon Bleu London

    Concentration: Chef

Ivor Kellock's Interests & Activities:

Sales, Marketing, Social Media, Business Integration, Business Intelligence, Innovation, Research and Development Tax Credit

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